Our core principles are as per below:

  • Quality – delivering consistent good quality is our top priority.
  • Trust – the foundation for working with our clients as well as our suppliers is mutual trust.
  • Innovation – we constantly seek ways to improve our existing products as well as sourcing new innovative products in order to set new standards in the industry.
  • Consumer Expectations – we ensure that consumer expectations are met through competent customer service and full product traceability.
  • Work Environment – we facilitate a positive work atmosphere and encourage creativity. We are aiming to improve our work processes constantly and rely on the constructive input of our valued employees.
  • Customer Needs – we aim to fulfil our customer needs at all times.


Our aim is to provide added value through constant improvements and consistent good qualities at a competitive price.


We will only be able to reach our targets if we have competent and content employees. It is our believe that only consistent betterment allows for solid relationships with clients as well as suppliers.


Our aim is to consistently grow and improve together with our clients and suppliers. We see us as innovators in the market, who spot new trends within the industry and push them forward. A wide range of products has been consistently improved due to our initiative and led to success on client as well as on supplier side. Stagnation means regression.


Food Safety
As a food importer, we are very aware of our huge responsibility in terms of food safety. Our day to day work is based on abiding by the latest rules and regulations in concern to food safety. Therefore we work with many long term suppliers, which have been visited by us in person and/or are certified according to the latest standards (BRC, IFS, etc.) to ensure a smooth and safe production chain. It is very important to us that our suppliers do not see food safety regulations as a necessary evil, but as a commitment to our clients which has to be held up on a daily basis.


The Victor brand is well known for its premium quality – within Germany as well as abroad. It is our commitment to meet our client’s expectations everywhere, everytime.


Sustainability plays a major role in our company’s philosophy. We only sell GMO free goods. We aim to be an innovator in the distribution of sustainable produced and certified food service sector products.